Mission Statement:

" To provide and share information concerning the political and legal status of the adult nightclub industry and to further provide a platform for the strategic planning of initiatives to combat negative challenges."

What Is ACE?

ACE National is the trade association of America's adult nightclubs. ACE helps to protect and serve its member clubs and affiliate state club owners associations by providing and sharing relevant political and legal information, resources and referrals.
ACE has been instrumental in starting and affiliate state associations. The ACE National Board is steadfastly committed to insuring that these state ACE chapters have the indigenous leadership of club owners within each state.
How can you benefit from joining and being a part of ACE?

What ACE provides to its members?

ACE National members receive a weekly newsletter to help them keep up to date on legal, political and organizing developments around the USA; access to the password-protected ACE National website with information on: legal and organizing issues; organizing state associations; and links to other helpful organizations and relevant articles.
They get access to toll-free telephone and fax hot-lines to report breaking legal developments and to gain access to ACE National resources and referrals.
State ACE chapters and ACE members receive up to date information on state legislation through ACE’s constanat monitoring of its state of the art legislative bill tracking system.
They help to insure the survival of their club and of the industry in general by strengthening its trade association through the added clout of a broad base of members.
They have access to other ACE National members around the country, who can act as resource persons on numerous relevant subjects.

How club owners can save money with ACE:

ACE trade discounts.
Club owners recieve discounts on numerous products and services, including: Gentlemen's Club Expo admission and booth rentals; ACE Symposium admission; Exotic Dancer Bulletin and Exotic Dancer Directory advertising; access to members-only symposiums at the yearly EXOTIC DANCER™ Gentlemen's Club Owner's EXPO in Las Vegas; a 10 to 20% discount on BMI music licensing fees; discounts on club insurance from Acordia, the industry's largest insurance provider; Credit card processing discounts from Global Direct, ATM Discounts from CABE & CATO and Free Champagne Seminars for Servers from Remy or Online Alcohol Certification from our virtual university found on the homepage.

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